Becca Adams Weinberg


Theatre ~ Film ~ Voiceover ~ Print Modeling


Hey, I'm Becca!

I'm a Pacific Northwest native, now an actor based in NYC. I've always had a huge imagination that led me to pursue a life filled with storytelling. That eventually led me to the world of musical theatre at the age of eight! In 2020,  (yes, 2020) I graduated from Molloy College/ CAP21's musical theatre BFA program. I have a huge love for new works, collaborations and innovative projects of any kind and I love hearing and telling stories about the LGBTQ+ experience. Along with singing and acting, you can find me keeping busy with DIY projects, learning new dialects, writing, making up recipes, playing ukulele and knitting scarves for dogs.



I will be making my Feinstein's 54 below debut(s!) in the next few months in A Symphony for Portland, in concert, and in a brand new workshop of Catching Fireflies: A Queer Musical Song Cycle, as "Willow," a writer who is questioning her sexuality.